Somali Media

Somali Media, What Somali Media?… Over three decades of war reporting Lack of protection Exploitation by International Media Lack of trianing Threats from Government officials […]

Somalia Security

What’s fendemantly wrong with the Somali security sector and forces?… Is it because; The right officials have not appointed Lack of resources & tools Lack […]

Somalia Election

Initial Somali election research result indicates that Somalis are able to elect in 2020 general election a government of the people, by the people and […]

Somali Constitution

The Somali Constitution Review Articles… Article 9 Article 51 Article 58 & 36 other articles Also current debates are on dual citizenship, Can Mp’s, Ministers, […]

Somalia Researches

Current research projects: Governance “The way in the current administration is executing it’s mandate” Security “How to reform the security sector” Election “What’s the 2020 […]